Salesforce-powered, IoT-enabled flexible lease operating system for building owners and operators.

The power of native Salesforce

Flx.Space provides a platform to promote, sell, and manage your flexible leased real estate assets. With connected experiences for your customers and their employees, everyone can feel the magic.

Connected experiences for your users

Fully integrated with PlaceOS, a smart building platform, users can unlock the power of the technology around them. Self-service booking of conference rooms, desks and more.

Customer Service Built In

Enable case management and resolution right from Salesforce, robust communities, chat and more through one interface. Manage the growth of your space without compromising your level of service.

Covid Ready Out of the Box

Ensure your space can adjust to the specific conditions of each of your local regions during reopening.

Manage Policies

Use Salesforce to manage policies for each building, city, or region.

Track and Trace

Through an integration with PlaceOS and Cisco Meraki, inform your customers proactively.

Policy-Based Booking

Ensure the space is used appropriately by only allowing bookin based on the rules you establish.


Communicate directly with cohorts of users based on space usage triggers and policies.

Enable Collaboration

Power onsite and off-site collaboration with seamless control of in-room AV directly from their mobile phones.

Control Your Space

IP-based access can enforce policies regarding room availability.

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This seamless partnership allows your team to continue using your existing Salesforce instance to deliver and manage a powerful customer experience in your growing Flex space brands.


Continue marketing and managing clients in the worlds best CRM.



Install Flex.space as a Managed Package to build your Flex Spaces directly in Salesforce.

Place OS

Seamless integration between Flx.Space and PlaceOS enable powerful IoT experiences.

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