Seamless experiences for all users

We've designed experiences for all your stakeholders from Operations, Facilities, Accounting, Sales, and (of course) your tenants.

Operations Can:

  • Maintain inventory of available rooms, offices, and bookable resources
  • Maintain list of customers and their purchased resources
  • Maintain operational needs of customers and spaces

Your Customers Can

  • View current access privileges
  • View bookable spaces, rooms and other services
  • Book and pay for automatically provisionable resources instantly¬†
  • Book and pay for services automatically
  • Request manually provisioned resources and contract with leasing agents
  • Gain access to owned resources (temporary or long-term)
  • Manage team access (number of employees)

Your Facilities Team can:

  • View usage reports of bookable rooms to improve efficiency of cleaning
  • Respond to guest issues in a timely manner through Salesforce Case Management
  • Collaborate with Leasing Agents to ensure customers are satisfied and aware of upsells that could improve their experience

Your Leasing Agents

Your leasing agents will continue to use the worlds best CRM. Except now they can collaborate with Operations, Facilities, and the Customers themselves through one platform. Driving profitability through better insights, analytics and customer experiences.

Interested in how can improve your flexible lease space profitability?