How Works

How it Works

Modern user experiences catering to your stakeholder needs powers the magic.

Internal Teams

Operations, Facilities, Accounting and Sales use purpose built tools within Salesforce powered by the Flx.Space package. Seamless interaction with your customers gauranteed.


Your customers experience your space through custom interfaces that connect them into the technology around them seamlessly. They can book a space, control the AV, schedule a service or provide an amenity for their hardworking employees. Salesforce Package

The Flx.Space package is installed into your existing sales org and configured to meet the needs of your organization. Your executive, sales, service, operations, and account teams can collaborate to drive the profitability of your space by making use of automation, reporting, and well-crafted interfaces purpose-built for flexible leasing use cases.

Web-Based Community

Out-of-the-box web baed community for your users to engage with you and each other. Seamlessly interact with questions, turn them into cases and ensure no customer feels under-served. Cultivate a shared culture and encourage expression to deepen your connection.

Out-of-the-box Marketing Site

With a marketing site, provide a clear, concise view of your brand and your spaces. Everything is always up to date when you add a new floor or bookable room to Salesforce, show it off to the world and convert more customers.

Powerful Customer IoT Experiences

PlaceOS, integrated with Salesforce provides powerful experiences for customers of your spaces. Mobile and desktop experiences allow your customer to order and book rooms, services, and amenities directly. Panels and displays ensure that customers are always up to date on what's happening and available around them.

Work with the experts

Flx.Space and PlaceOS have over a decade of experience creating powerful connected experiences within the built environment.

Intered in how we can increase the profitability of your flexible lease space?